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To don’t do list

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Today I stumbled upon a video of mature women sharing their life regrets and things they would do differently if they were given their youthfulness back. I was particularly dazzled by this woman who got me really keen on her life’s one regret. She shared that if she were to go back in time she would make a To don’t do list instead of a To-do list.

That made me ponder on how many things one would miss just by creating additional unnecessary pressure so I decided to make my own To don’t do list and here it goes (So far):

1/ Don’t overthink: Be more present and enjoy every aspect of life. Everything happens for a reason and the pieces of the puzzle eventually come together.

2/ Don’t try to please everybody: some people are just insatiable and will engulf the energy and life out of you for it.

3/ Don’t reach for perfection: You are not perfect, nobody is and nobody will ever be. You are doing the best you can do and that is more than enough.

4/ Don’t dismiss your wellbeing: To put it simply, you are the only person who cares enough about your happiness to do something about it so go and do whatever makes you whole.

What is your To don’t do list?

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