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Hardships are hard

Some things hurtSome things make you miserableSome things consume you from the inside like famishing tapeworms You want to try everything in your power to get over things and shift Your mindset but it does not work. You want to pretend that things are going great so maybe you end up convincing yourself that allContinue reading “Hardships are hard”

Everything will be OK

That is all you need to hear today.Sometimes that is all we need to keep going.Life gets arduous and unbearable sometimes but today, just for a second let your brain assimilate these words: you’re good enough you’re smart enough you’re right where you should be at this point of time your life will get substantiallyContinue reading “Everything will be OK”

The importance of mantras

Do you have a mantra to get you through hardships? I used to have a friend whose memorable line was “who gives a s***?!”.We used to pull her leg for saying that every time, all the time. We were always finishing her sentences for her because we knew what the end line would be… whoContinue reading “The importance of mantras”

Lose your shit

I saw this billboard down the street today that said : “Sometimes you have to lose your shit or you’ll end up full of shit” That made me smile at first and then it sunk in with me and all of a sudden I could relate to every level of that statement. I have spentContinue reading “Lose your shit”

To don’t do list

Today I stumbled upon a video of mature women sharing their life regrets and things they would do differently if they were given their youthfulness back. I was particularly dazzled by this woman who got me really keen on her life’s one regret. She shared that if she were to go back in time sheContinue reading “To don’t do list”