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Home Sweet Somewhere

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Home is where the heart is

How pointless does this phrase sound when deep inside you feel like a stranger everywhere?

What are the rules for designating a place as a home or were there ever any to begin with?
Is it the place we were born? raised? lived most of our life?
Is it where our parents/family and friends reside?
Or is home everywhere or wherever we actually are?

I have heaps of reservations about this…

More questions baffle my pondering mind..what does it take? How long does it take to feel like home? Is this one of those things people have an epiphany about? Is there a distinct moment in our life or perhaps throughout the day when we say to ourselves ‘yes this is home’?

I reckon there will always be circumstances where we will realise that we are in fact total strangers or we will encounter that one person (or people) who will go out of their way to remind us that we do not belong in there.

I wonder if I have ever made anybody feel that way?

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Just a life and existence observer.

One thought on “Home Sweet Somewhere

  1. I have quite often felt a fish out of water, but I suspect the problem is mine rather than others trying to make me uncomfortable. Familiarity might be one of the answers to your question, what makes a home. 🙂 🙂

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