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Mindfulness works guys !

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I know..this seems like one of those hype words that everybody is throwing left and right these days. I felt the same way hearing it the first time and each time after that and reading every article I came across online or listening to every podcast available out there. I even thought it was a cult-like movement until I really gave it a go.

Yes I gave it a go..

The mere idea sounded ludicrous. I tried to follow the so simple instructions: Walking down the street, I look at the sky it’s bright and blue with scattered clouds. Then that thought got quickly highjacked by million others and I could instantly feel my cortisol level rising so I gather my senses again and check the trees along the sidewalk
.. Wow..
what a beautiful colour, brown with pink tinges…
Soon enough, my anxiety kicks back in again with even more irksome thoughts throwing me utterly off of my peaceful endeavour. Now I feel angry and exasperated at myself and this restless brain of mine.
I think to myself that’s it I’ve had enough, I’ve done enough thinking and overthinking and this has to stop, at least for an instant.

3.2.1 here we go. Notice the birds of different colours chirping on the trees’ branches..another unpleasant thought spans my mind… no.. 3.2.1. that smell of freshly cut grass invades my nostrils, the air is clean and refreshing, I feel light and elevated as if my feet stopped touching the ground…


3.2.1 ..

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